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“A very professional doctor, a wonderful human being and a dear friend. Livelight is very well equipped with all the latest equipments and a very professional service rendered by Dr.Swati Pradhan. Highly recommended.”

"It's refreshing to see an actual qualified MD doctor giving such advice. Most of the people handing out advice on nutrition nowadays are unqualified people. Moreover it's obvious that Dr Swati practises what she preaches. She looks radiant and fit and has such a reassuring confident presence. Being a doctor myself, I have been to many nutritionists in my quest for weight loss....but no one has had such a scientific approach to weight loss. I would recommend her anyday and hope she works her magic on you!"


"Dr Swati Pradhan is an extremely warm and charismatic personality who leads her team to perfection. I have been consulting her since a couple of months and I was highly impressed by her knowledge and skills. What is extremely unique about her is that she focuses on the core issues with such efficiency and precision that leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight becomes so easy and makes it a fun activity as well. Her technique's are unique and reliable. Thank you Dr Swati for guiding me, I highly recommend everyone consulting her at least for a few weeks, you will yourself realize that you are in professional hands."


"Dr Swati is very knowledgeable & Charismatic person. She truly helps & motivates her patients follow a great diet plan & weight loss is fun. I cud see visible results after just 1 session of cryolipolisis which was done under the meticulous hands of Dr Swati & her assistant. Entire procedure lasted about couple of hours, I was explained in detail about the procedure / post care & was pleasantly surprised to see the results. I wish Dr Swati & her team all the very best!"


"It was a wonderful experience at LiveLight under the expert guidance of Dr. Swati. She is a gentle, soft spoken and strict too as she guides you through the weight loss program. I did a telephone consultation and was completely satisfied with the services and outcome."


"Dr Swati Pradhan is a one of a kind nutritionist along with a MBBS degree!! She potrays high level of professionalism and sincerity in her work. Dr Swati firmly believes in eating right, thereby giving us the ability to quickly achieve and maintain our fitness goals and live a healthy and long life. I highly recommend her to all those who are looking to change their lifestyle in a positive manner.""


"Extremely heartening to see someone knowledgeable and having expertise in a field imparting advice on it. Unlike a lot of so called 'experts' I can vouch for Dr Swati having studied in this field and built up her knowledge and experience before calling herself an expert. I wish her all the very best in this endeavour and sincerely hope that loads of people can avail of her guidance in this field. As a doctor dealing with Covid-19 patients I can personally vouch for the impact a normal BMI and physiology have in fighting this infection. Physical well being has been a long neglected field and I am glad practitioners like Dr.Swati are doing their bit to change this."