Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common queries about our Obesity Management & Weight Loss Clinic, guiding you towards a healthier, more vibrant life. Empowering your journey through expert insights and personalized solutions.

It is a medical condition in which there is excess body fat accumulation

  • More than 30% in Females
  • More than 25% in Males

How does a person know that he or she is obese/ fat / overweight

Obesity is measured and quantified by various methods such as:

  • BMI – Body Mass Index calculations
  • Fat Percentage measurement
  • Waist to Hip Ratio calculation

Am I Obese?

Body Mass Index

Let’s Calculate –

Comparing Body Weight ( Kg) to Body Surface Area (m²)

BSA = Square of Height in meters

BMI = (Body Weight/Height²)

Eg: 60kg / 5.2 / 25

65kg / 5.2 / 27

72kg / 5.2 / 30

84kg / 5.2 / 35

Fat Percentage



This method gives direct measurement of fat percentage in relation to muscle mass.

(Waist/Hip) < 0.8

Central Obesity > 0.8 (Truncal Obesity)

Increased Risk Of Diabetes (Type 2)

Heart Disease

It is the loss of overall body weight through the loss of fat and / or body water/ muscle mass

It is the loss of body weight through fat loss without losing muscle mass.

At LiveLight, weightloss is achieved through ‘ Easy Meal Plans’ and Lifestyle changes. The Easy Meal Plans‘ are customized to every individual by taking into consideration their age, gender, daily routine, work timings, medical conditions, travel schedules, ethnic and culinary backgrounds. Patients are encouraged to incorporate some form of light exercise in their daily routine to accelerate their weight loss as well as to boost their metabolism for a fitter body

It is the decrease in the measurable inches in specific areas of the body like waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms.

It is achieved by decreasing the fat thickness in these areas by using techniques like U – lipo ( Ultrasound Cavitation Lipolysis)

It is the non surgical way of giving an aesthetic shape to the body by restoring muscle tone and skin elasticity.

After fat loss the sagging muscles are toned using Electrical Muscle Stimulators and Loose Skin is tightened using HINARF. These techniques together are used to achieve Contouring and NonSurgical Tummy Tuck, waist Tuck, Hip Tuck, Thigh Tuck and Arm Tuck.