Patient Testimonials

"Live light by Dr Swati Pradhan are giving major achievable goals for weight loss. Her guidance in diet plan n workout routines are easy to follow and best suited for lifetime healthy life. Best part is one can easily n quickly approach to doctor for solving any diet or routine related query. Doctor keeps on motivating us by sending all valuable links n information. Thank you doctor and her staff, who are very supportive."

k r

"I am extremely happy to be associated with Dr.Swati and livelight. The clinic is well maintained, staff is very efficient, and polite. I lost 6 inches(spot loss) and 7 kgs ( weight loss) overall with the treatment. I strongly recommend livelight to everyone who are dreaming for a great body and shape."

Shubha Desai

"I highly recommend LiveLight! Genuine advice and expertise in guiding the patient is what I have experienced with Dr Swati Pradhan. She is extremely talented and is highly updated in her field. She wants everyone to look pretty and healthy like her. You need to visit LiveLight and experience a new YOU!!"

Neeta Maske

"Dr Swati Pradhan’s Live Light Clinic in Thane is one of the best clinics for weight management. Dr Pradhan at first measures your body composition and then guides you to set realistic goals for your weight loss and inch loss. Her diet is easily manageable focusing on local spices and flavours with no extreme measures/ starvation. She focuses on health and suggests easily adaptable lifestyle changes. Her diet is sustainable and after 16 weeks of her diet I have been able to maintain my weight loss. I lost approximately 11 kgs in 16 weeks which was a comfortable and gradual progression. More importantly I feel fitter, healthier with visible improvements on my skin ( no stretch marks) and my stamina!"

Chinmaya Desai

"Fat freezing or Cryolipolysis is an amazing technology and I did not even have to undergo a knife to get the Fat loss & Inch loss on my bulges. It is a complete non surgical procedure. Dr.Swati explained the whole procedure patiently & throughly and it felt like literally walking through the treatment. Results in 3 weeks were almost a loss of 2 inch.. which was tremendous, and cryoliposis did that for me Their staff is well trained, courteous and supportive . Truly appreciate each one of them. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone looking for *Inch Loss, Fat Loss* & *Weight Loss in a Safe Way*"

ritu singh

"Dr Swati is very knowledgeable & Charismatic person. She truly helps & motivates her patients follow a great diet plan & weight loss is fun. I cud see visible results after just 1 session of cryolipolisis which was done under the meticulous hands of Dr Swati & her assistant. Entire procedure lasted about couple of hours, I was explained in detail about the procedure / post care & was pleasantly surprised to see the results. I wish Dr Swati & her team all the very best!"

AjeetSingh Sethi

"Its refreshing to see an actual qualified MD doctor giving such advice. Most of the people handing out advice on nutrition nowadays are unqualified people. Moreover it's obvious that Dr Swati practises what she preaches. She looks radiant and fit and has such a reassuring confident presence. Being a doctor myself, I have been to many nutritionists in my quest for weight loss....but no one has had such a scientific approach to weight loss. I would recommend her anyday and hope she works her magic on you!"

Anushka Sharma

"Dr Swati Pradhan is a one of a kind nutritionist along with a MBBS degree!! She potrays high level of professionalism and sincerity in her work. She has carved her niche with her comprehensive approach and cutting edge interventions along with in depth personalized assessment. Dr Swati firmly believes in eating right, thereby giving us the ability to quickly achieve and maintain our fitness goals and live a healthy and long life. I highly recommend her to all those who are looking to change their lifestyle in a positive manner!!"

Sukhada Raut

"It was a wonderful experience at LiveLight under the expert guidance of Dr. Swati. She is a gentle, soft spoken and strict too as she guides you through the weight loss program. I did a telephone consultation and was completely satisfied with the services and outcome."

Snehal G

"Dr Swati Pradhan is an extremely warm and charismatic personality who leads her team to perfection. I have been consulting her since a couple of months and I was highly impressed by her knowledge and skills. What is extremely unique about her is that she focuses on the core issues with such efficiency and precision that leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight becomes so easy and moreso makes it a fun activity as well. Her technique's are unique and reliable. She will also give you the freedom to tickle your taste buds enough to keep you smiling while u eventually reach your goal. Thank you Dr Swati for guiding me, I highly recommend everyone consulting her at least for a few weeks, you will yourself realize that you are in professional hands."

Abhijeet Chury

"A very calm demeanour and a professional doctor, who understands the issues of her patients and focuses to solve it.. the results will be amazing. A positive energy at the clinic., weight loss ,a very trained and supporting staff makes the experience pleasurable."

shreyo rastogi

"Extremel y heartening to see someone knowledgeable and having expertise in a field imparting advice on it. Unlike a lot of so called 'experts' I can vouch for Dr Swati having studied in this field and built up her knowledge and experience before calling herself an expert. I wish her all the very best in this endeavour and sincerely hope that loads of people can avail of her guidance in this field. As a doctor dealing with CoVid patients I can personally vouch for the impact a normal BMI and physiology have in fighting this infection. Physical well being has been a long neglected field and I am glad practitioners like Swati are doing their bit to change this."

Mubeen .K

"Live Ligth the best recommended for weight loss.I have lost 9 kgs in 2 months with guidance of Dr Swati Pradhan's treatment,diet and exercise.Superb experience and totally safe.Please do visit and enroll the treatment.Thank you doctor and her staff is also very good and supportive."

kasturi pawar

"I have visited Dr Swathi 3 months back for weight and inch loss at the Beginning my weight 67.5 but post completion of my plan now I weigh 61.5kg along with the good inch loss.. i would like to thanks Dr Swathi and all the staff including Dada all are very co operative and professional through out the journey.. Dr Swathi is such a nice and down to earth person, I remember I asked her to change my diet plan for Ramzan and she did it widout any delay and guided me how to stay hydrated and eat enough food to maintain my weight.. Kudos to dis wonderful team."

rukaiya qureshi

"First..I was taking decision to go for the treatment...but all my doubts were cleared by Dr Swati... From the first session to my last...each and every thing was taken care in a professional yet friendly manner... The results gradually came good and I am really satisfied Highly recommended for guarantee results Only thing is you have to be committed and have faith in the treatment and you will get to see the results."

Swarup Art

"Highly professional n yes a very personalised attention was given.. all my querries, doubts, the procedure were explained in detail.. My weight in kgs n in inches was surprisingly reduced.. my confidence was enhanced n so was glow.. my friends, colleagues, relatives noticed the obvious change in me.. they too sought the help of clinic with promising results.. am a Live light beneficiary in true sense.. I really thank Dr Swati Pradhan n her skillful team for changing me in n out.."

Malati Rao

"A very professional doctor, a wonderful human being and a dear friend..Livelight is very well equipped with all the latest equipments and a very professional service rendered by Dr Swati. Highly recommended!!"

Rajashree Vinod

"The dr is too supportive and encouraging for us..... explains things so nicely.and in an understandable way...thanks mam...for encouraging ...."

Tapasya Khade